Transcending Boredom

I wonder if the cure to boredom is transcendence. When I think of the times where I’ve felt most alive and the most energized, those have been the times where my mind and body seemed to have been transported to a higher realm where awe pervades and overwhelms my senses. The majestic sight of Mount Rainier has taken me there. A sultry sunset in the dog days of August has also done the trick. But perhaps more so than either of those is reflecting on the grace of God.

God gives the mountains and the sunsets for us to enjoy. I never did anything to earn that right. I was just simply born. And yet I get to partake and drink of His beautiful creation. I get to bathe in the infinite color palette of the Creator of the universe. It’s in this space, that I feel most human…full of life, breath, creativity, and awe. In many ways transcending beyond the mundane day to day activities of life to catch a glimpse at the underlying creative power and grace just beneath the surface is what “home” truly feels like. Perhaps staying home more often would alleviate my boredom.

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